Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Letter A is for APPLE!

Nothing puts us in the "fall" spirit more than learning about apples!
 This week, we introduced "letter learning" into our circle time routine. We started from the top with letter A for APPLE. Throughout the week, we practiced dotting Letter A's and passed a letter A from friend to friend during our "letter pass" at circle time. One of our very favorite songs is the "ABC's" and we loved identifying the letter A on our alphabet chart during our song!

We had so much fun exploring apples - slicing open an apple to discover the seeds living inside - and making many apple-themed crafts! We especially liked creating bracelets using beads that were red + yellow. We LOVED learning about the lifecycle of an apple tree as we watched a time-lapsed version of an apple seed blossoming into a tree and growing an apple. Such 
FALL fun!

Catch a glimpse into our apple-themed weeks:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

S is for SNOW!

It's SNOW Week! 
Our friends always have a blast in the 2's when we learn about all things snow.  In particular, we adore reading our "big book" classic, The Snowy Day. Miss Jenn remembers it being her favorite as a child, too! This week, we created fun crafts such as winter scenes with Q-tip snowflakes, snowmen with homemade puffy paint and snowflakes made with glued-on beads. We learned about the Letter S and /s/ sound for SNOW, SNAKE, STAR, etc. Our 2's are beginning to connect letters to their sounds. They love to identify the Letter of the Week incidentally throughout the school day - wherever they may see it. Additionally, we have "ice blocks" and "snow" to explore inside our sensory bin! (Sugar cubes and sugar for the less imaginative.) 

Enjoy our photos from the week!